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High performance whirlpool spa bath system designed to be installed with many of our walk-in baths (ELEGANCE PLUS, IMPRESSION PLUS, SENSATION PLUS) except MODERN walk-in bathtub model.
Comes with powerful air compressor, efficient water pump and allows for installation of up to 12 air/water jets.

Sold ONLY with our walk-in baths as an optional accessory.


  • High performance whirlpool (hydro-therapy) spa system.
  • Can NOT be bought separately.
  • Hydro jets positioned in specific areas of our walk-in baths to give maximum hydro-therapeutic benefits.
  • Gives relaxing feeling of a gentle massage from the mixture of warm air and water coming out through the jets.
  • Due to circulating water it improves blood circulation and decreases blood pressure.
  • Specific jet positioning focuses on pressure points which results in stress and pain relief (to muscle or joint pain sufferers).
  • Designed to fit into many of our walk-in baths (ELEGANCE PLUS, IMPRESSION PLUS, SENSATION PLUS) except MODERN model.
  • Stimulates immune system and helps to eliminate stress.

Product Specification (Whirlpool Spa Bath System)

  • Whirlpool spa bath system and a compatible bath must be ordered together to ensure the system is fitted to bath prior to delivery.
  • Each of our whirlpool spa systems supports installation of up to 10 hydro jets (in some cases up to 12 hydro jets).
  • Warm air flow produced by a powerful compressor.
  • Due to discreet nozzles installed into our baths this system delivers streams of pre-warmed air bubbles.
  • Non-return valves in each nozzle ensure a completely safe, warm and hygienic massage.
  • Factory fitted with your choice of compatible bath.
  • Conforms to Irish, British and European Standards.
  • Installation time usually takes additional 5 working days.
  • Whirlpool spa bath system needs to be cleaned regularly to stop stagnant water forming in the pipes.
  • 3 years warranty for this add-on product come as a standard.

Technical Details (Whirlpool Spa Bath System)

  • Product supplied fully assembled.
  • Whirlpool spa bath system installed in our walk-in baths consists of:
  •   a) 800W air compressor
  •   b) water pump with a power of 0.75/1.5 HP and max flow of 280 L/min
  •   c) features from 10 to 12 hydro jets
  •   d) built-in electronic control panel
  •   e) air and water pipe connections
  •   f) elbows, joints, non return valves, etc.
  • Thoroughly tested for over 2 hours before QA approval and despatch.

In case of any additional information required for this add-on equipment please send us an email or contact us directly. We’ll try our best to answer all your questions within reasonable time frame. In case if you didn’t hear back from us within 24 hours please check your Spam folder. If there is still no answer from us please call us to let us know.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg
Air Compressor (Power)


Electronic Control Panel


HydroMassage Option

Whirlpool Spa System (Air+Water)

Number of Jets/Nozzles

4, 6, 8, 10, 12


3 Years

Water Pump (Hydraulic Power)

0.75/1.5 HP

Water Pump (Performance)

280 L/min (max flow)


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