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Our customized headrest and backrest for SENSATION bath are perfectly sized, well built, easy to clean and always keep your back in a correct position. Nicely profiled waterproof head pillow mitigates risks of common injuries happening during baths.
This add-on equipment is specially designed for SENSATION and SENSATION PLUS assisted bath models.




  • Bathtub headrest backrest is an add-on equipment for assisted baths range: SENSATION PLUS and SENSATION.
  • Perfectly sized, well built and always keeps your back in a correct position so you can enjoy longer bath times.
  • Adopts to all “wet-style” bathtubs.
  • Increased comfort through greater angle of recline and soft touch surfaces.
  • Waterproof head pillow that mitigates risks of common bathtub injuries.
  • Designed for people with special needs, wheelchair users and those receiving special care.
  • Relieves neck, head & back pain and provides added comfort.
  • Complete product with many features that help to relieve neck, head & back pain.
  • Backrest and head support ensure that person feels safe and comfortable during bath times.
  • Provides ergonomic interior for comfortable and safe bathing.
  • Elegant, water resistant, easy-clean finish.
  • Hard and smooth backrest gives the feeling of a reclined bath wall.
  • This add-on will give you firm support that is needed to relieve upper back pain or to prevent any back pain related to bathtub usage.
  • Estimated delivery time: 10 to 14 working days.

Product Specification (Bathtub Headrest & Backrest)

  • Head pillow attached to a chrome plated pole installed onto the bath to provide ultra tight grip.
  • Back support lever allows for manual regulation and angle adjustment of the backrest position.
  • Bathtub headrest backrest is a 100% European design and construction.
  • Backrest with cushion gives the user extra support while bathing.
  • Headrest constructed of PU waterproof foam but not recommended to submerge for long periods of time.
  • Backrest and headrest are well constructed with the perfect firmness.
  • 3 years warranty for this add-on product come as a standard.

Technical Details (Bathtub Headrest & Backrest)

  • Backrest available in white colors (RAL 9016 / RAL 9010).
  • Headrest available in 2 different colors at no additional costs:
  • a) RAL 5018 – Turquoise Blue
  • b) RAL 7045 – Squirrel Grey
  • Headrest available for additional color customization.

In case of any additional information required for this add-on equipment please send us an email or contact us directly. We’ll try our best to answer all your questions within reasonable time frame. In case if you didn’t hear back from us within 24 hours please check your Spam folder. If there is still no answer from us please call us to let us know.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 450 × 300 × 30 mm
Headrest Color

RAL 5018 – Turquoise Blue, RAL 7045 – Squirrel Grey


3 Years


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