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Walk-In Bathtubs From SMOOTH BATHS

Not all of our walk-in baths are the same and that’s what makes them unique. They look similar to other baths on the market, but as with most products these days it pays to understand exactly why our products are different and why it’s worth to look at them.
For the record, all walk-in baths, slide-in baths and shower trays offered for sale on our website are brand new, handmade, delivered straight from the factory, are of premium quality and carry a full guarantee. Answers to our customers’ most frequently asked questions will definitely help you to know more details about each of our product and make the right decision when it comes to ordering the bath by yourself.
Many of answers can be found here under each topic, however, if you need further assistance with getting more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter if the product bears CE marking?

Walk-in bath bearing CE marking holds manufacturer’s declaration and signifies that the product conforms with all EU directives or EU regulations that apply to it. CE Marking Association helps each company to bring their products in line with the CE Marking requirements of the current EU legislation.
This means that all applicable EU requirements, such as safety, health, and environmental protection have been met so all necessary certifications could be obtained from the Notified Body.
Smooth Baths have been helping in designing and manufacturing high quality walk-in baths and easy access shower trays for the care sector for many years. CE Marking Authority and Smooth Baths carried out all of the necessary conformity assessments and helped in compiling the necessary technical documentation to enable products offered by us to demonstrate compliance with the required EU Directives.
This means that walk-in baths sold by Smooth Baths comply with all relevant essential requirements laid down in the applicable directives and thus have advantages over similar products from other companies.

How important is the door and quality of the seal in the walk-in bath?

The most complicated components of a walk-in bath are always the door and its seal. Quality materials used in door’s construction and sealing part have significant impact on ‘water–tightness’ property of each bath. The door and seal in our walk in baths have respectively 5 years and lifetime manufacturer’s warranty and will definitely make you enjoy your purchase so you don’t have worry too much about it!

Which way the door on our walk-in baths open?

The practicality of inward and outward opening door is always personal preference. Sometimes it’s a matter of space inside and outside the bath. All our walk in bath models have an inward opening door as it takes up no room outside the bath and from practicality reasons is the most optimal solution for our customers.
An outward opener has been implemented in our slide in bath model – SENSATION. Due to its intended use by people with limited mobility and people on wheelchair, SENSATION design implements outward opening door that takes up absolutely no space within the bath and makes access to the bath more convenient.

What is the measure of water-tightness property of the door in our walk-in baths?

Water pushing on the back of the door will have a different effect on the bath models with different types of door openings. When the water in our SENSATION – slide in bath model is pushed outward it challenges the door locking mechanism and tests the effectiveness of the seal.
With the other models of our walk in baths, like: MODERN, IMPRESSION or ELEGANCE, when water presses the inward opening door it improves the effectiveness of the door seal and increases the water-tightness property of the door itself. It also works as a self-locking mechanism as when the bath is full of water its weight pushes against the door making it impossible to open from inside.
It’s important to notice that all our baths come with a long term warranties to ensure robustness of the door locking mechanism is always there and guaranteed by the manufacturer.

What size of walk-in bath to choose?

Our walk-in baths are available in many size options which means it’s up to the client to simply choose whichever model suits his/her practical needs and aesthetic preference. Most of conventions tend to suggest a bath of such a type should be approx 1200mm – 1750mm long.
From our point of view we believe that a bathtub’s shape is very important. For example our ELEGANCE upright walk-in bath is more practical in smaller bathrooms. It takes up a much smaller footprint, so your bathroom floor space is bigger.
Additionally, the seat height which makes sitting and standing easier also allows deeper immersion than other walk-in bath models offered by us. Similar to our other baths it offers support at a convenient height while entering or exiting.
From the showering point of view it is also more practical and beneficial to use taller walk-in baths that the whole family can enjoy using in its own way. It’s always worth examining the fundamental practicalities and what the bath you’ve chosen can offer to enhance your bath time experience.
Each of our walk-in or slide-in baths has its own advantages and each of them presents its own unique style and set of attributes which leaves the customer with a clear vision and variety of options to choose from. If any of the available options still doesn’t suit you please contact our customer support team and we’ll do our best to customize your product where possible.

Which models of walk-in baths support installation of Whirlpool system?

Currently following walk-in and slide-in baths support installation of Whirlpool system that consists of air jet only or air-water jet spa system: ELEGANCE, IMPRESSION, SENSATION and IMPULSE. Due to design implementation it is not possible to install Whirlpool system in MODERN walk-in bath model. It is also advised to refrain from installing whirlpool system in the SENSATION model due to possible restrictions when using the movable chair inside the bathtub.
Components used in building Whirlpool systems into our baths come from reputable and well known German, French and Italian manufacturers. There is possibility to install up to 12 jets into a single bath (however it depends on the bathtub model chosen).

What are the safety measures implemented in the walk-in baths?

There is couple of real risks when using a walk-in bath. From entering the bath through the door, sitting down, to filling bath with water. It can be only one moment of inadvertence and the user gets exposed to serious risk of slippery floor.
That’s why our walk-in baths come with low step in threshold for easy entrance and built it anti-slip floor surface for elderly people and those with impaired or reduced mobility. Additionally, for some of the walk-in tubs (i.e.: MODERN model), we can offer step platform support, that helps our customers to get into the bathtub safely without any hazards.

Can I avail of Council Tax reduction?

If you are buying walk-in bath to adapt your property for use by disabled person you can often qualify for a reduction in Council Tax. In order to get more details you will have to contact your local Rating Authority if you wish to investigate further.
You might also be entitled to a grant to fund, either fully or partially, a project to convert your dwelling to make bathing (or life in general) more easy. For more information check with your Local Authorities.

Is VAT exemption applicable to our walk-in baths?

Exemption from paying VAT is available on all of walk-in baths providing you as the purchaser are buying the bath for your own use and you qualify for exemption.

Is full VAT exemption expected for EU based companies?

Full exemption from paying VAT is available on all of the products we sell providing the purchaser is a company registered within EU and has a valid company VAT number.

Order Fulfillment

The following submitted information is required in order to confirm the order: personal data (name, surname, etc.), phone number, shipping address, e-mail address and the selection of payment and shipping method (personal collection is also available). If the purchase is made by a company or another institution, name and valid company VAT identification number is also required.
In the case of cancellation of the ordered goods, please notify us immediately by telephone or by sending us an e-mail here.
Order confirmation and the invoice detailing the products ordered will be sent by e-mail. We confirm each order by telephone or e-mail within 24 hours.

Order Cancellation

Assuming goods have been purchased for private use and not for the purposes of business, the customer has the right to cancel the contract until 10 days before the date of delivery.

  1. In the case of cancellation, the contract is considered null and void and the customer is obliged to return the product. If the product bears any ‘marks of use’, it is not possible to cancel the contract.
  2. Smooth Baths do not refund shipping costs and further to this, all return costs should be covered by the customer (if product is not returned under standard warranty terms).
  3. Returned products must be accompanied by proof of purchase and also the customer must provide accurate customer data and the account number where the refund will be lodged.
  4. When all of above conditions are met, we will re-issue new invoice to the Customer which should then be signed and returned to our company. Upon receipt of the signed invoice the Customer will be refunded the appropriate amount.

Delivery Terms and Conditions

All our products are shipped with a reputable delivery companies within 5 to 10 working days after full payment is cleared/received. Delivery usually takes additional time (around 3 to 5 working days).
Our company is not liable for delays caused by the faults of third parties involved in the process of product delivery but we do our best to make sure all products are delivered on time.

Purchase Information and Shipping Costs

We issue a VAT invoice (for qualifying companies only) or VAT-less receipt/invoice (in case of individual customers) for each order.
Shipping costs depend on the place of residence within European Union.
Shipping costs will be credited and highlighted as a separate item on the invoice.


All of our walk-in bathtubs are covered with a standard 3-year warranty.

Complaints / Claims

When the product is delivered, please ensure that the contents are checked. For any complaints related to defects to the product caused during transport, a complaint form should be filled out and confirmed with a shipping company in the presence of by the person delivering the goods.
In the case of hidden defects in the product during the warranty period, please contact us via e-mail or here.
Based on the information provided about the affected product(s), we will be able to give you the exact instructions on how to continue the claims process which might end with a new product being sent to replace the faulty one.

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